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Pool Resurfacing Phoenix

Pool Resurfacing

What is Pool Resurfacing?

Patch or Repair


We can either patch or repair the current interior of your pool or give you a completely new interior. With new interiors, we start by chipping out the current interior and prepping it for the new interior surface. We then resurface the interior with either a plaster, pebble, or quartz finish. Don't worry. We'll walk you through which is best for your pool, based on factors like your backyard, existing swimming pool shape and size, and your financial and time budget.  


How Do I Know When My Pool Needs Resurfacing?

When you are in need of pool repair, whether it's for a full resurface or just a patch or repair , the signs will be pretty clear. If you notice the following things, it’s time to get in touch. 


Your pool may have stains etched on it due to debris and chemical exposure. Moreover, algae also leave stains behind. However, some of these stains can be cleaned easily. 


If the stains get too stubborn or keep coming back, it’s time for pool resurfacing.



Just like the tides erode away rocks in the ocean, water flow in your pool also wears away the material, leaving rough erosion spots. A simple way to prevent this is to maintain a chemical balance in the pool. 


But if the erosion marks continue to appear despite the chemical balance, you need to opt for pool repair.



Rust spots are another sign that your pool needs resurfacing. While you can patch these spots up, it’s not a permanent fix.



A new pool is the beautiful blue color that every homeowner loves to see. However, with time, discoloration begins, leading to white blotches on the surface. Aging of the pool material is inevitable, so it’s only logical to get your pool resurfaced if the discoloration is widespread.


Water Loss

If you have to fill your pool more often than you did before, it points towards the presence of cracks on the pool’s surface. Since these cracks are small, you might not detect them easily. However, they cause water loss, forcing you to refill the pool more frequently.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

"Oasis of the Valley did an amazing job building our pool from start to finish they communicated and executed the job beautifully. They completely transformed our back yard and we’re excited to have a pool for this summer!!!!"

Chas K.

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