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Outdoor Kitchens

Take Your Backyard Back


Our Oasis outdoor kitchens are great for hosting. Make your backyard the place where friends and family gather. Have a big family? We’ll include lots of patio tables and counter space in your design. Looking to have a more intimate space for private parties? We’ll design a cozier outdoor kitchen for your family. Either way, we’ll make sure to include shade and easy pool access, because you know…Phoenix.


An outdoor kitchen is an investment you won’t regret, and your friends and family will love you for. Your house will be the place everyone will want to be during those long summer days and perfect nights here in the Valley of the Sun.   


Increases Usable Space

Does your fridge and pantry overflow in the summer with all the kids’ drinks and snacks? No more worrying about making room in the fridge or pantry. Your outdoor kitchen adds on an extra storage space to your house. Increase organization inside and outside with this new space. Don’t worry, we can add on custom security measures to everything outside to keep everything just as safe as they would be indoors. 

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backyard landscape architect near me phoenix


The landscape design of your backyard can make or break the aesthetic of your pool. Here at Oasis of the Valley, we guide you through the landscape design process as well as the pool building process to ensure your backyard exceeds all your expectations.


There are many different styles of landscaping you can design around your pool. Some homeowners prefer a more traditional approach while others want a very elaborate plan. Whatever type of design you have in mind, we can build it for you. The landscaping around your pool can contribute to the overall aesthetics of your backyard, which is why it is so important. Contact Oasis of the Valley Pools & Spas today to discuss how you envision your dream backyard oasis.

Lush Oasis

Incorporating a mix of tropical plants and flowers that fill in all the spots around your pool can make you feel like you are in an exotic location. Not everyone wants open space surrounding their pool area. Some people choose this design because they want to feel fully immersed while in their pool. The plants serve as a romantic border that appears natural and beautiful. However, keep in mind that having an abundance of plants and vegetation surrounding your pool requires constant maintenance. This landscaping style is gorgeous but does require time and resources to create and to keep up.

Clean & Green

This type of pool landscape design includes clean and flawless lines with a more modern and put together vibe. It is not necessarily an intricate and elaborate customization process, but it still gives a luxurious feel to your backyard. This also provides more space for you and your guests to lounge around the pool area, barbeque, or play some outdoor games. The design itself is simple but looks very classic and sophisticated. Incorporate patio tables or cabanas in all the space that you have. Tailor-make your modern and sleek looking clean and green backyard.

Privacy Palms

Being in the state of Arizona, we are constantly surrounded by palm trees. However, we are also surrounded by desert and cacti. Going all in with palm trees around your pool can give off the illusion that you are in some tropical island far away from all your problems.  It gives off a resort-like feeling and that will leave you more relaxed than ever. Your backyard oasis should add a calming feel to your home. Not only will it look pretty, but you will be participating in self-care in your very own home.


Simple Look

An elaborate design plan is not for every homeowner. Some families prefer to spend their time and money creating the pool itself rather than the landscape design. A white picket fence, some cement around the pool, and some lawn chairs may be all that you are looking for. Matching your home’s style to your pool and landscaping style is an important thing to consider. It is not recommended to have a standard home with a very elaborate and expensive looking pool. Sometimes, less is more!

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“Oasis of the Valley did an amazing job building our pool from start to finish they communicated and executed the job beautifully. They completely transformed our back yard and we’re excited to have a pool for this summer!!!!”

Chas K.

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