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Pool Maintenance Tips

Pool ownership isn’t all fun and games. There are a few basic responsibilities that a pool owner will need to add to their checklist every few days to ensure the basic upkeep and life of their pool. If this isn’t something you feel up to doing on your own, no worries. We have some great weekly pool maintenance partners that we recommend and have linked to below. 

Every few days, a pool owner should check water levels, test pool chemicals, skim debris and clean out baskets. Dangerously low water levels can damage your pump. 

Each week, you should brush the walls and tile to minimize algae and calcium buildup.

Occasionally, your pool will need to be shocked, in which you super chlorinate to bring the water back to normal chlorine levels and remove contaminants like ammonia or nitrogen. How often you will need to shock your pool is dependent on size and usage.

Approximately every 3 months, you will need to clean the pool filter. Frequency of cleaning will vary on filter size and amount of dirt accumulated. Increased flow between the pressure gauge and flow meter (between 10 to 15 pounds per square inch) may be an indication that the filter needs cleaning.

Every 2 to 3 years, due to high calcium levels in Arizona water, as well as other factors, it is customary to completely drain and refill your pool with fresh water. Your local pool store offers a free chemical testing service and will let you know when your water needs to be replaced. 

Every few years, you will also want to have your heater professionally serviced. If you have a heater, it is important to run it periodically, as letting it sit over long periods of time can cause issues.

If this sounds like something you don’t want to have to handle, call the professionals below:

If you think your pool may need more than basic maintenance, read more about our pool resurfacing and remodeling services.  

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