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Has your pool lost its luster ?

Does your pool seem dull and worn out? 


Have you noticed discoloration or stains that are becoming difficult to remove? 


Does your pool surface have a rough texture that wasn’t there before? Maybe even causing injuries?

Are you noticing water loss?

Then it's time to think about

Pool Resurfacing


Why Pool






Over time, pools age and lose their luster, vibrant colors, and beauty. 


The aging process doesn’t only affect aesthetics, it also affects the functionality of your pool.


You may have noticed that your pool doesn’t feel as smooth as it used to. There are rough patches or even places of erosion in the pool. 


As your pool ages, small cracks develop on your pool’s surface, causing water to slowly leak out.


If you have to refill your pool more frequently, it’s a sure sign of water loss.  

Constantly refilling your pool with water wastes money and valuable time that could otherwise be spent enjoying your pool!

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Experts you can trust



At Oasis of the Valley Pools and Spas, 

We believe your pool is more than just a place to swim, it’s a part of your lifestyle. 

That’s why we’re committed to creating a stunning backyard oasis, with upgrades and features to complement your unique interests.


Upgrades like hardscaping, outdoor kitchens and BBQs enhance your space. 

Upgrade your space...


Outdoor kitchens




Elevate your poolside entertainment!


Get ready to entertain in style, while enjoying the ambiance of your pool. 


Our expert team will help create the ultimate outdoor kitchen that blends seamlessly into your space.



Give your existing pool a makeover by redefining your hardscaping.


Whether you envision a chic stone patio or a new elegant walkway, our team has the expertise to bring it to life.


Hardscaping brings together all of the features of your space and gives it a sense of harmony and elegance. 

We custom design and build striking hardscape features to complement your existing pool.

If you're tired of:

  • Refilling your pool

  • Discoloration


  • Rough patches

  • Scrapes and scratches


  • And looking at an ugly pool...

Then it's time to give us a call

Financing Options available


Ready to enjoy your pool again? 

Contact us for a
Free Estimate


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